Who We Are

We Are


Leamore are a quality construction company specialising in Commercial, Residential, Educational, Heathcare, Conservation and Pharmaceutical Projects.

Established in 2004 and privately owned by two directors Leamore Construction Limited has developed itself to perform alongside the most successful and competent building construction companies in Ireland.

We attribute the strength of our company to our professional ethic of providing a quality standard of construction projects within programme to the client’s needs and requirements. Our staff are our greatest resource and our youthful dynamic management team provides a ‘hands on approach’ to all projects.

Our Values

We aim to encourage and develop a sound and successful business predicated upon our founding values of fairness and integrity. We believe that by maintaining a strong, competent and selective construction service we can focus on adding value to projects for our Clients. In practice, this means that we can tailor our activities to suit particular project requirements, and provide complete focus for successful delivery of construction works.

Our Partners

We fundamentally believe that successful business can best be
achieved through non-adversarial methods. In practice, this means
treating our Clients as mutual partners, and our Sub-Contractors,
Suppliers and workforce fairly and ethically. The trust established within
the team enables everyone to contribute positively to the construction process, and deliver best value projects.