"We rise by lifting others"

Team work and Project Performance

Implementation of Team work  in all aspects of our organisation has proven to build better relationship and unity between  team members,  achieve  higher levels of productivity on site,  creates  diverse thinking, builds trust and gives confidence to the our management team to be better leaders which inevitably  leads to greater success.

Build Trust

We at Leamore promote creating a trusting environment to work in. this is key to creating a  team environment where the whole team buy into the goal and task at hand. We provide a support to all members involved in the project, this in turn enhances  greater  confidence and commitment within the team. The results will take care of themselves


Its is said “A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” and at Leamore we advocate and encourage our  Management team, to take ownership of tasks,  delegate and distribute responsibility, make it safe for our staff to make mistakes,  be honest and open with information, be inquisitive and respectfully challenge decisions,  earn the trust of our partners, work together to achieve more .


Team Spirit

Team spirit is a culture that we encourage from our senior Management team right through to our newest employee. We encourage frank and open conversation between our team members, positive communication and one team mentality. We engage in site team building programmes to enhance good morale amongst our team .

“Team spirit  has the power to unite ordinary people to do extraordinary things”


Diverse Strengths

With a construction team there will always be people with a diverse range of strength.  We advocate shared responsibility amongst our staff  to ensure the right people are working on the right tasks. Within the team environment problems can be solved easier  when peoples  strenghts are used to greater effect to to achieve a common goal.

The greatest waste … is failure to use the abilities of people .. to learn about their frustrations
and about the contributions that they are eager to make; – W. Edwards Deming

Asssessing Risk-Taking

Construction is a challenging environment and we at Leamore  always encourage our team to assess the risks involved in carrying out  task and a pool  our   best knowledge skills and experience  to find leaner and better ways to carry out tasks.  We allow the freedom of our managers  to  express and share  their thoughts and ideas to make for greater results

Recognition and  Rewards

At Leamore  we  run an Employee  Recognition and  Reward System  for our Managers and employees .  This empowers our team members to have greater motivation to achieve their goals  and to acknowledge their dedication and performance of greater productivity . Our idea of the Month and Employee of the month Programmes are carried out across all our sites.  Our team is  our greatest asset and a culture of inclusiveness and common goal is vital to achieve successful completion of projects.   Our Monthly rewards is the least we can do to recognise  the achievements of our team.

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