Our Approach

"Together we are stronger"

Our Approach

Leamore Construction has a corporate social responsibility and is committed  by to behaving ethically whilst contributing to economic development. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our  workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large and  we want to have an impact on future generations. Leamore Construction has three main values.

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
Core Values diaghram

Integrity is an important value of our company  we believe that always working with strong ethical values along with openness and transparent

Leamore Construction aim to be reliable with all their jobs , this means having excellent relations with their clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to get the job done on time.  Leamore hold their clients with the upmost importance and we try complete to any special specifications that a client might want in their project.

Customer Satisfaction

As a Client-focused company, customer satisfaction mains key to our success. Leamore Construction always consider attaining the highest possible level of Client satisfaction in everything we undertake as our most important goal. With an aim of meeting and even surpassing Client requirements, we seek to develop long-term relationships for the benefit of all. We believe that all people involved in a project can help create satisfaction


Subcontractors and Suppliers

Members of the wider Leamore Construction team involved on any project, are  committed to our ethos for the delivery of quality. This team spirit should not be subdued by any other factors influencing the project. We firmly believe that prompt payment of Sub-Contractors and Suppliers maintains secure, long-term relationships throughout our supply chain. Leamore Construction have dedicated procedures for valuing sub-contract works fairly and promptly. These are supported by fair accountancy procedures to ensure payment is made within agreed periods. Leamore  Construction have close, informal business relationships with a substantial number of Sub-Contractors, both large and small. We endeavour to regularly use those specialists who have demonstrated a consistency of attitude, performance and quality when working with us on previous similar projects. Through our approach, general relationships with our Sub-Contractors are first class. Our Clients ultimately gain benefits from these strong relationships

Lean management Principles

Leamore are fully engaged in the lean journey and have been continually implementing  Lean  Stytems within opur orginsation.

Our staff  entered into lean  training with  all our management team completing  yellow belt in the lean management and are currently  progressing to green beet and black belt.

The lean thinking has transformed  how we do our business  and upon brain storming sessions with our senior management team we identified  numerous areas  that benefit the productivity and day to day running of the business


Our lean principles
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