Our Purpose Leamore Construction Improving people’s lives through integration diversity, family values and common goals. Whilst delivering quality building for our community for future generations. "Together we are Stronger" FIND OUT MORE "We rise by lifting others" FIND OUT MORE "The greatest waste … is failure to use the abilities of people .. to learn about their frustrations and about the contributions that they are eager to make"; – W. Edwards Deming FIND OUT MORE "Once something is a passion the motivation is there" FIND OUT MORE

Our Story

We attribute the strength of our company to our professional ethic of providing a quality standard of construction projects within programme to the client’s needs and requirements.

Our History

Leamore Construction Ltd  was established  by the two main directors Gerard Mc Intyre  and Padraig Hannon. Since the company was formed it has developed  into one of the most successful and competent building construction companies in Ireland.


Our Business

Leamore Construction aims to create a reputable business model in where all parties involved benefit.   We aim to encourage and develop a sound and successful business predicated upon our founding values of fairness and integrity more>>>